Floating ocean platform harvests wind, solar and wave energy

May 26, 2020
German company Sinn Power has proposed a hybrid offshore power generation platform that combines wind turbines, solar panels and wave energy harvesters to generate off-grid electricity for people living close to the coast.

"Green" recyclable rubber gives new life to single-use building materials

May 26, 2020
A versatile new kind of polymer can be used on its own like regular rubber, or mixed with filler materials including used PVC and carbon fiber to create brand new composites, which can in turn be recycled in an almost endless loop.

LumiPod micro cabin maximizes the view

May 25, 2020
Originally unveiled last year, the first LumiPod models have now been completed. The tiny retreat, which is best suited for glamping or as a weekender, is fronted by operable curved glazing that frames the view and ensures lots of daylight inside.

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